Hand Writing

Handwriting Programme :

With the increasing use of computerized word-processing, the practice of writing by hand is on the wane. The typical response to a discussion on bad handwriting today is, “Why do I need to improve it, when I can always use the computer?” There are a few reasons why attention must be paid to handwriting:-

‘Good handwriting is a sign of healthy mind,

Bad handwriting is sign of imperfect education’

Importantly, in very young children just learning to write, the strokes made by the hand while writing serves to enhance fine motor skills. Also, writing by hand gives a sense of size, shape and an understanding of proportion and order to the child. At a higher level, it lays the foundation for the budding of a sense of aesthetics, as a good handwriting often leads to artistic ability. Handwriting training, therefore, is not merely a mechanical activity but an important aspect in the growth and development of a child.

Course Details:

The programme is for the age group of 4 years and above

Level 1- for ages 4 -6       
Level 2- for ages 7-9
Level 3- for ages 9 and above

Duration of course : 3 months

Duration of  class :  2  hours/ week.   

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