Abacus Mental Arithmatic


  • Abacus is an ancient Chinese tool
  • Abacus is still widely used in place of the calculator in China.

By using the abacus method regularly, the four basic operations (+,- ,x, /) can easily be done with the mind. With constant practice of the abacus, especially that of also mental arithmetic, the interaction between the left and the right parts of the brain in an instant, cause stimulation that greatly benefits the brain.

The following additional benefits will also be gained :

  • Greater concentration
  • Listening skills
  • Better creative and imaginative skills
  • Improved reading ,writing and learning skills
  • Better Memory
  • Sharper observation
  • Better comprehension and calculation skills

Course Details :

V brain  abacus course is divided into 8 levels and each level is spread across 3 months.

Students need to attend 2 hours class per week, which will be on a weekend.

Students of the age group between 6 -13 are eligible to join the course.

Promotion to the next level will be based upon  the successful clearance of examination. Certifications will be issued for each level.

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